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This website is About “Zinker-Rich “anti corrosion protection compound which is more superior to existing ant-corrosion coating Galvanol ( with 96% Zinc) and other similar coating material existing in Russian and other world markets these days.Today, Zinc-rich coating galvanizing is recognized as an advanced technology for protecting metal structures from corrosion and due to its anti-corrosion properties and the interaction of zinc with metal, this coating is a direct alternative to hot-dip galvanizing. The Zinc-Rich coating and Galvanol is processed and produced by “The Scientific production company (SPC) Corrosion Protection and Zinker LLC Moscow. About technology and technical characteristics of “Zinc-Rich coatings” go to the page here…

Masterlink Impex India is specialising in trade with Russia since many years, having its partner company well established at Moscow With favourable relationship with Russian Industry. Presently our focus is on introducing new technologies and technical materials from Russia to Indian markets and visa verse. We Keep ourselves available for cooperation with any Indian manufacturing company interested to develop business in Russian/CIS markets. This could be in the sectors of metal, automobile, oil and gas and other new generation industries.

For “Zinker-Rich” materials, we will be pleased to cooperate with any specialised and related company in India to develop this Business together. We will consider having few great “Distributors” in the market and establish long term business relationship. With regards to the Zinc-Rich Anti corrosion Protection material, it was found in 2009 by professionals in the field of Anti-corrosive protection of the metals at Moscow’s Scientific Research Institute and developed further by the “Zinker Ltd” company with by applying innovative ideas and technologies. Thanks to introduction of these innovative technologies the company “Zinker “started its own production of the mixtures for cold galvanising of the metals and metal constructions «GALVANOL®», Zinker class Coating. Zinc-rich coating is a method of application on a prepared surface of a special zinc composition containing active chemically pure zinc, polymer binders and volatile agents. The resulting protective coating-zinc layer, contains 96% of the active stabilised zinc HZO SF* purity 99.995%, thus forming a stable galvanic pair Fe-Zn, in which zinc acts as an anode and protects the black metal (steel) petrochemical method, while providing maximum adhesion.

The products Zinc-Rich Coating –Zinker Class offered having following properties:-

-Coating is a thin-film zinc coating that protects effectively ferrous metals against corrosion
.-Coating is a thin-film zinc coating that protects effectively ferrous metals
against corrosion it has superior protection properties and high adhesion
to metal surfaces
-Coating is elastic, resistant to vibration and shock loads and abrasion, and
functions within theTemp. -60°С to +150°С (for a short
time, up to +180°С to +210°С during application of powder coatings. Coating is intended for anticorrosion protection of surfaces of industrial
equipment and metal constructions installed outdoors and indoors